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In 1999, we bought our then six-year-old son A.J. his first quad. It was a Yamaha Badger 80. That was just the beginning of our adventure in riding, racing and hopping up the Yamaha quads. A.J. couldn't wait to get on his quad and tear it up, or as he would say, "peel out" at our shop. He began by going in circles around the shop and soon began to spin donuts and try to make jumps out of dirt piles. The dirt piles were made larger by dad "Al" using the farm tractor to make the jumps. Our only problem then was that A.J.'s grandpa would take the jump down when he wasn't around; he was afraid of him getting hurt. But soon, grandpa saw how A.J. had what seems to be a natural feel for the quad. Grandpa understood having a "feel" for it as he used to race motorcycles in the 40's & 50's.............. the jumps now remain.

It became apparent to dad that A.J. needed a Yamaha Raptor 80 (or rather dad did) and we made the purchase so dad and A.J. could have the really "cool" Raptor. Now everyone gets to have fun because sister Gi has begun to race the Badger 80.

A.J. entered his first official race here in Chowchilla, California and won 1st place in his division. This just further fueled Al and A.J. to think of innovative ways to make the Raptor quicker, lower, handle better and be safer.

Soon, A.J. and Gi were racing more, winning more trophies and now we're all hooked! We spend our Saturdays at the racetrack waiting to watch A.J. & Gi race. I'm not sure who's most excited; Al, A.J., Gi, older sister Ari or (I must confess) me, A.J.'s mom. It's scary and exciting watching them. My first concern is their safety, but I really do want them to win.

Out of this came Raptor 80 Racing, and now....Mid Cal MotorSports. There were so many people wanting the "cool" parts that a new business just happened.
Finally, you have found the place to make your Yamaha Raptor 80 (Badger 80), Honda, Polaris or AlphaSport ATV safer and faster. And now, you can buy the ATV or Quad from Mid Cal too!

Race Safely,

A.J.'s Mom